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Living in the Ottawa Valley




    We want to bring you closer to the beautiful dramatic Landscapes, Parks, churches, local businesses, schools, community events and various residential areas. In the beautiful Ottawa Valley, we want to start with the Whitewater region and visit the village of Westmeath and so here we go enjoy.

Westmeath, Ontario


Westmeath Provincial Park

Traveling on the westmeath road County Road 12 towards Westmeath, Ontario along the way we have many beautiful trails in the natural forests that run along the Ottawa River shorelines with spectacular views of the Laurentian Valley our first stop is Westmeath Provincial Park. A truly Hidden Gem there is no entrance fee and this Provincial Park has no on-site services or facilities but it is excellent for hiking and swimming the trail is beautiful and Serene. The Park trail has double tracks and is relatively flat and suitable for a stroller with a good suspension but it does take about 45 minutes each way to get to your destination.

The Park has an abundance of wildflowers you can also see animals like foxes beavers and many different type of birds it is also an excellent place for mushroom picking. My favorite destination at the end of one of the trails is the beautiful Sandy Beach for viewing the Ottawa River and relaxing and it has no crowds the beach is shallow in the summer only ankle deep for a very far distance great for little kids


We have the Westmeath boat launch on Creek Street we have a beautifully renovated church with originally stained glass windows from 1898. It is home to Whitewater Premium Candles Corporation going further we have Canada Post Westmeath Arena and we also have a school Our Lady of Grace Catholic School which is small but has a big heart and it offers kindergarten through grade 7 and is rooted in cultural and academic Excellence.


There are also three churches Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church Pentecostal church and Saint Andrews United Church . Lets not forget the main local destination Kenny's store which is a great One-Stop local store for grocerys, gas, diesel ,alcohol, propane, Lottery, ice ice cream and much more Super Active all year round.


For Real Estate we have a variety of options from many different types of lots residential single or multi-family dwellings, Farms, Cottages, Agricultural and Commercial properties ranging from $150 000 to over a Million Dollars. 

Westmeath Village Center

La Passe, Ontario

Beachburg, Ontario

Cobden, Ontario

Pembroke, Ontario

Petawawa, Ontario

Eganville, Ontario

Deep River, Ontario

Chalk River, Ontario

Renfrew, Ontario


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