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My Complementary Services

Professional Photography

Luxury House

In the Real Estate industry, it is extremely important to produce professional photos that showcase homes to their full potential. Great photos are imperative and required to present an accurate and appealing representation of your home online and in print.


 According to the 2018 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 88% of all home buyers said online websites were the most useful source of information for their home search process. Among all generations of home buyers, the first step in the home buying process is typically looking online for properties for sale.

BlissFX Photography leads the industry in professional photography, delivering images that expertly showcase your home. Working closely with me the photos are carefully selected and used widely across various marketing media and advertising platforms to promote your listing.


State-Of-The-Art 4k Video Tours


Potential buyers can access a 24/7 open house from the comfort of their own home, courtesy of our high definition state-of-the-art video tours. BlissFX Photography captures walk-throughs of your home in vivid detail. Professional videos make lasting impression and result in more qualified and serious buyers visiting your home.


Your home video tour is posted to a variety of Real Estate platforms including MLS/, YouTube, The video is accessible to thousands of Realtors® and potential buyers who wish to preview homes for their clients. This additional exposure is especially beneficial to show agents who are not able to preview your home in person.


Twilight Photography

There is something beautiful about homes showcased in the evening, and very few potential buyers get to fully appreciate this perspective.


Twilight photos are rarely seen on (MLS) and are very attractive and stand out from the competition.

All of my Prestigious Properties receive a professional twilight photography session, with an evening presentation of the property. You invest significantly into lighting your home, including lit gazebos, pools, hot-tubs, pathways and gardens.  Twilight photographs capture this incredible evening appeal, so that potential buyers can fall in love with your property.

White House with Lights

Aerial Photography/Videography

In the Woods

Let's show your property and landscape from a new angle. My fully licensed drone operator covers the entire property features including not only landscaping, acreage, yards and land, but also some parts that are difficult to reach out by regular cameras. This also compliments the interior video/photos to provide a complete experience of a property, like a drone footage of a lovely neighbourhood, walking paths, schools, parks, etc. Most importantly, online listings with aerial photography/videography highlight gain more views than others.

3D Tours

The first touchpoint in the buyer journey is an online listing, where an immersive 3D tour can afford a property an impactful first impression. I am offering immersive 3D tours of listed properties. The NAR report reveals that “among all generations of home buyers, the first step taken in the home search process was to look online for properties,” often resulting in buyers “walk[ing] through the home that they viewed online.”

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